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Batgirl redesign

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H a r l e y  Q u i n n

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Batwoman (part of this Batfam series): Evan Rachel Wood as Kate Kane, Rosario Dawson as Renee Montoya

[heavy breathing]

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Hawkeye #3 - “Beating the Odds” (1983)

written by Mark Gruenwald
written by Mark Gruenwald, Danny Bulanadi, & Eliot Brown

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Favorite Comic Covers » Birds of Prey #12 by Jesus Saiz

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You had to be born to be Robin, then have a lifetime of training.

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favorite unpopular characters meme: a character you love who is often villianized for their relationships - Talia al Ghul

“I have had enough of being a pawn in my father’s endless schemes.”
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Lois Lane in Superman: Secret Origin

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Lombard. Lane. I want you to meet our new stringer, I want you to show him the ropes. This is Clark Kent. Good luck, kid.

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